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Fall 2020 Plan


Training: player-centered and focused along specific technical and behavioral habits

Development: concentration on our players and our development without pressures of league and tournament play

Club Culture: Develop a club culture that leaves room for team and player coaching but concentrates on players making decisions to develop excellent habits through our club values: discipline, integrity, competitiveness, family, gratitude, passion, and excellence.


  • 2008-2006 Girls
  • 2005-2002 Girls
  • 2007-2008 Boys
  • 2006-2005 Boys
  • 2004-2003 Boys

*2002 Boys will join 2003 Boys

Due to the combining of age groups, coaches will work training sessions and games with the age groups that they were originally scheduled to coach. The coaching staff will work together to balance conflicts.

Return to Play Protocol

Roles and responsibilities for CFJ North Shore players, parents, coaches, and the club for our return to the fields.

Player Development Objectives

We want to develop a player who can;

  • Read the game and quickly adjust their decisions 
  • Use both feet and master the ball (functional technical skills)
  • Perform different modes of locomotion (physically literate)
  • Grow as a player and person in a competitive environment
  • Do the right things at the right time (club values)
  • Play and give their best for their team (be a good teammate)

Coaching Style


  • Create a favorable learning environment for players to make decisions.
  • Create and use adapted exercises or games based on the annual plan and weekly program.
  • For each exercise, activity, and game coaching points, define the relevant information that the player must know and process.
  • Use a guided pedagogy. Pose questions to players while keeping the intensity of the session.
  • Make stops when needed on positive situations.
  • Be demanding when appropriate (we play on game day as we train)•
  • Insist on the quality of movements and respect the details.
  • Use competition in the sessions (individual or group).

LOCATION NOTE: All training will be at James Park through Sept. 3rd. Training will begin at Robert Crown starting the week of Sept. 7th.